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Do you know that the Oxidative stress generated by free radicals can be the root cause of many health ailments in today’s life?. The solution to this problem is free-radical scavengers i.e anti-oxidants. So, integrate the Indian Gooseberry, commonly known as amla into your daily diet. Amla fruit is packed with antioxidants and vitamin-C. Apart from these it a good source of the B complex, iron, calcium, fiber, and other nutrients. 

 To include the magnificent Amla into  your daily diet, try AADEE’S AMLA CAPSULES





Aadees Amla CapsulesAmla Fruit



Aadee’s Amla capsules are extract-based, where 1 part of extract is taken from 5 parts of crude herbs. In other words, 500 mg of amla extract is equivalent to 2,500 mg of crude Amla fruit. Aadees extract-based formulation easily fulfills the daily requirement of this herb.

Amla organic authenicityAADEE’S AMLA CAPSULES are beneficial in


  • Enhancement of immune response
  • Cold, cough, asthma
  • Hyperacidity, ulcers,
  • Constipation, anorexia
  • Diabetes
  • Sexual debility, infertility
  • Anemia,
  • Piles
  • Epistaxis,
HEALTH BENEFITS OF AMLA  (Emblica Officinalis )

Indian gooseberry or Amla  ”the king of fruits” is a general health tonic according to Ayurveda. It is loaded with nutrients and the richest source of vitamin C. Amla is cooling, astringent, digestive, laxative, and aphrodisiac fruit. It has anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, and diuretic properties. Ayurveda marks it as Rasayana’ ‘which means therapeutic or regular consumption of amla will boost nourishment, health, memory, intellect, immunity, and hence longevity. From ancient times it is used to deal with a number of health ailments like cough, asthma, tuberculosis, constipation, anorexia, anemia, piles, leucorrhoea, ulcers, diabetes, epistaxis, chronic fever. 

Let’s understand how Amla exhibits its multiple benefits.

Rich in antioxidants

Anti-oxidants are free-radical scavengers means anti-oxidants are the substances that fight against free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that are produced in the body due to various factors like tissue trauma, injury inflammation, pollution, U.V exposure, radiations, cigarette smoking, excessive physical exertion, Ischaemia, processed foods, food colors, pesticides, and many chemotherapeutic drugs.

The accumulation of free radicals in the body results in oxidative stress(OS) which consequently harms the function of cells by damaging the protective cell membranes, nucleic acids, and cell proteins. The body in OS becomes susceptible to cancer, heart diseases, arthritis, stroke, respiratory ailments, and a variety of inflammations. further, with time, this oxidative stress lowers the natural immunity of the body.

The anti-oxidants help the body to get rid of OS by neutralizing these free radicals and maintain overall health and slow down aging.

Amla fruit is stuffed with high levels of antioxidants i.e 261,500 μ mol TE/100g. Researches tell that the antioxidant power of Amla fruit is  75 times of wolf-berries, 60 times of pomegranate, 50 times of blueberries, 13 times of black raspberries. 

So, to boost your health, start consuming Aadee’s Amla extract capsule twice a day  

Loaded with Vitamin-C

100 gm of Amla contains 600 mg of vitamin C, 100 gm of oranges contain only 30 mg of vitamin C. The vitamin C of one tiny Amla is equivalent to about two medium oranges. Thus it has 20 times more vitamin C as compared to an orange.

The abundance of Vitamin C  helps in boosting your natural immunity. It enables us to fight with the common cold as well as the flu more efficiently.

Studies indicate that Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) possesses anti-viral activity. Vitamin C accumulates in phagocytic cells and enhances chemotaxis and phagocytosis which ultimately kills bacteriae and viruses.

vitamin C is an essential factor in the production of the anti-viral immune response during the early phase of viral infection through the production of type I interferons which up-regulate Natural killer cells and cytotoxic T-lymphocyte activity.

Ascorbic acid can be used as an inactivating agent for both RNA and DNA viruses. It can detoxify viral products that produce pain and inflammation.

Protects Of Cancer

Producing no adverse effect on healthy cells, the fruit extract inhibits the growth of a variety of tumor cells in humans. Amla berry contains polyphenolic bio-molecules named ‘Tannin’ which is cytotoxic to cancerous cells, but non-toxic to healthy cells. Another organic compound ‘pyrogallol’ in Amla decreases the proliferation of abnormal tumor cells Studies reveal that the fruit extract significantly reduces the growth of cervical, breast, ovarian, lung, liver, and colorectal cancer cells.

Anti Diabetes

Amla fruit extract is quite beneficial in diabetes. Researches demonstrate that it reduces the enzymes which are linked to type2 diabetes. It controls the blood sugar level, the lipid levels, and anti-oxidant levels.

It improves the atherogenic index and thus, shows cardioprotective activity in diabetes.

Due to its antioxidant property, it protects the kidneys in uraemic patients.

Daily administration of the extract produces a sustained effect. So, switch on to Aadees Amla extract capsules to protect yourself from diabetic damage.


It exhibits antidepressant activity. Researchers conclude that it is probably due to inhibition of MAO-A and GABA by amla extract.

Controls Cholesterol levels

Researches prove that Indian gooseberry gives protection against cardiovascular diseases. Regular consumption of fruit in diet shows improvement in the levels of HDL i.e High-density lipoprotein(good cholesterol). Side by side it also decreases the levels of LDL i.e low-density lipoprotein(bad cholesterol)

Improves Cardiovascular Health

A build-up of fats, cholesterol, blood cells, and other substances in endothelial linings of the walls of coronary arteries leads to obstruction of blood flow to respective regions. This gives rise to a number of cardiovascular diseases. Daily consumption of Amla extract reduces the sticking of these materials to endothelial linings. It can also prevent blood vessels from thickening. Laboratory studies demonstrate that Amla extract also inhibits the oxidative degradation of  Lipids and the atherogenic index of plasma is one of the strongest markers in predicting cardiovascular disease risk.

Researches reveal that consuming Amla extract in the diet improves the atherogenic index and thus, it is very beneficial for the health of the heart.

Preserves Eye-sight

Regular consumption of Amla extract Preserve’s eye-sight. Studies say that it reduces intra-ocular tension which helps in the management of conjunctivitis and glaucoma.



Amla extract is Ideal for mild to moderate hyperacidity. It possesses antisecretory, antiulcer, and cytoprotective properties.

The oral administration of Amla extract significantly inhibits the development of gastric lesions.




  • RASAYAN- rejuvenates the body
  • CHAKSHUSHYA- improves eye-sight
  • KESHYA- maintain hair health, color, and luster
  • MEDHYA- increases intellect and memory by specific action
  • AMALTA-NAASHAK-antacid(helpful in acidity, ulcers, etc)
  • YAKRITOTTEJAK- stimulates liver functioning
  • HRIDYA- beneficial in cardiovascular diseases
  • KAPHAGHAN-beneficial in dry/productive cough and lung diseases
  • VRISHYA- sexual tonic
  • GARBHSTHAAPAK- increases fertility, uterine tonic
  • MUTRAL- diuretic, helpful in dysuria
  • PRAMEHGHAN- anti-diabetic
  • JWARAGHAN- used in chronic fevers
  • SHONIT-STHAPAN-helpful in epistaxis



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