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Supplements to Boost Immune System

20+ Supplements to Boost Immune System you Must Consume

Everyone wants a healthy immune system. But, do you know the exact role diet plays to protect you from infections and toxins. Surprised or not surprised? But, indeed, most people don’t eat a well-maintained diet. You need to consume fresh vegetables, fruits, and other items to stay healthy. With essential supplements to boost immune system, you can get the right balance of minerals and vitamins.

But wait! There’s a catch. You can’t eat some grapefruits, oranges, or vitamin capsules and expect a vitamin C boost. Instead, you should add the best immunity booster kit to your diet coupled with sufficient exercise and sleep. Supplementing your diet with essential minerals, herbs, vitamins, and other nutrients can boost immune response and protect you from illness.

What is immunity?

What is Immunity

It’s the human body’s shield against unhealthy bacteria, toxins, viruses, external infections, and harmful elements. While pathogens from the environment can enter the body via food or breathe to make you ill, a strong immune system blocks them from entering. But as humans age, the immune system begins decaying, making you more prone to cold and fever infections. In later life stages, people fall sick quickly because of a weaker immune power.

If that’s the case, are there any supplements to boost immune system, preventing it from a collapse?

Well, yes! There are immunity booster supplements that help maintain a healthy antivirus of your body. You can ensure your immune system works well by modifying lifestyle and diet, emphasizing nutritional intake.

Importance of Supplements to Boost Immune System

Importance of Supplements to Boost Immune Sytem

Do you remember your mom asking you to eat more green vegetables and fruits when you were young? Well, there’s a healthy reason. What you eat has a critical role in how well your body can fight and protect you from diseases. Creating a meal plan with items from different food groups will ensure your body gets the perfect nutrient blend. Besides, you should also limit your sugar intake because sugar-rich food can suppress your immune system, leading to inflammation. Again, combining a healthy diet with adequate sleep, exercise, and stress management offers brilliant support to the immune system.

While there are many immune booster supplements available, you should always take advice from a healthcare provider. A professional dietician, nutritionist, or medical practitioner can help you choose high-quality supplements for your body type.

List of Immunity Booster Ayurvedic herbs

Immunity Booster Ayurvedic herbs


Ashwagandha is probably the best immunity booster in Ayurveda. Its name translates to horse’s smell that specifies its ability to provide strength and the special odor it carries. Its extract and shrub, or powder of leaves and roots are used for several purposes. Ashwagandha can help minimize blood sugar levels, symptoms of inflammation and depression, and cortisol levels. It also helps increase muscle mass, strength and boost brain function.


Amla is another one of the best supplements to boost immune system and the main element in Chawananprash. It promotes youthfulness alongside calming Kapha, Vata, and pitta doshas in the body. It also detoxifies the whole organ system to improve your health and immunity.


It’s not just another immunity-boosting herb but also the most frequently discovered plant in every Indian house. There are various tulsi variants such as Krishna Tulsi, Vana tulsi, and Rama tulsi that you can consume. Tulsi helps alleviate lung-related issues, such as congestion, bronchitis, asthma, flu, and many more. It is beneficial in gastric disorders, cramping, controlling blood pressure, reducing sugar, and skin-related issues.


It might not be surprising for you to see turmeric on the list of immunity booster Ayurvedic herbs. It has bioactive compounds along with medicinal properties. In India, it is commonly used as a spice and ayurvedic herb. With Curcumin as the most active compound, it has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces heart disease risk and also improves brain functioning. On top of all, turmeric also has anti-cancer and rapid healing properties.


Neem, referred to as a miracle herb, is therapeutic and the best immunity booster in Ayurveda. It cleanses your blood and clears out toxins from your body. It can also fight bacteria, viruses, and fungus. Neem is famous due to its anti-cancer properties. It is also useful in loss of appetite, treating skin ulcers, diabetes, gum, liver, and cardiovascular diseases.


One of the best immune booster supplements that improve the immune system in elders. Moringa completes the deficiency of calcium, phosphorus and provides antioxidants to the body. It is a high source of phosphorus and calcium that makes your bones stronger. Besides, it is also a great supplement to relieve tiredness, nervousness, and depression. Antioxidants discovered in Moringa ensure heart health. It also manages glucose in your blood that minimizes the risk of diabetes.


It is commonly referred to as Indian Gooseberry or Amla, a reliable supplement for older people. It is a medicinal herb that cleanses your blood and relieves you from diabetes, diarrhea, and burning sensation. Amla also helps in anemia, hemorrhoids, or hepatitis.


The most essential and active ingredient, Curcumin, is an excellent source for giving enough antioxidants to the body, especially for elders, and protects aging diseases like dementia, amnesia, and arthritis. With anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, Curcumin helps fight against free radicals.

Besides, there are many more such as the Giloy immunity booster, that should be a part of the list. Next, we will explore vitamins and minerals that help improve the immune system’s health.

Immune System Booster Vitamins and Minerals

Immune System Booster Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an important vitamin that’s essential for developing the body and is also helpful in protecting atherosclerosis. Its sources are citrus fruits such as melons, lemon, and amla. You can also consume spinach, strawberry, brussels sprouts, kale, bell pepper, and papaya for this vitamin. Numerous vitamin C supplements are also available, but you should take advice from your doctor before consuming any.

Vitamin E

It promotes muscle strength and helps in producing red blood cells. Vitamin E can be a potent antioxidant that helps your body fight against infection. Good sources of Vitamin E are sunflower seeds, almonds, peanut butter, hazelnuts, beans, eggs, soyabean oil, and sunflower oil.

Vitamin A

It is essential to cure dead cells and improve new cell growth in elders. Vitamin A is an excellent source to protect against night blindness and lung cancer and improves hair and skin health. It is an infection fighter and comes in 2 forms like animal foods such as meat, dairy, fish, or plant carotenoids. Tuna is a good Vitamin A source. Other sources include carrots, pumpkin, egg york, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, butternut squash, and dark green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin D

It enhances calcium absorption in your body, creating and maintaining healthy teeth and bones. It is one of the essential and powerful nutrients that support the immune system. Vitamin D food sources are Tuna, Salmon, Sardines, Mackerel, butter, fatty fish, milk, cereals, and orange juice. If you are looking for a vitamin D supplement, you must take advice from a doctor.

Folate/folic acid

Folic acid is a synthetic form, whereas folate is the natural form. To get folate, you should add lentils, leafy green vegetables, and beans to your diet daily. Another delicious source is Avocado. It is also available in enriched bread, enriched pasta, and enriched rice.


Iron helps your body bring oxygen to cells, which plays an essential part in the immune system procedure. You can get iron from various foods such as Oysters, Red meat, Turkey, Chicken, Canned light tuna, Beans, Canned sardines, Broccoli, Iron-fortified cereals, Kale, etc.


Selenium has a strong effect on the immune system and is essential for protecting against infections. Animal foods are a perfect source, but Brazil nuts are an exception. Some great sources include seafood, poultry, meat, cottage cheese, etc. But overeating Selenium can create a problem for you. So you should restrict its consumption and check with your doctor for the best advice.


Zinc is required for the making of new cells of the immune system. It is primarily discovered in animal foods. However, you can also get it from vegetarian foods such as crab, yogurt, chickpeas, oysters, poultry, and lean meat.

B Complex Vitamins

Vitamin B6 is vital for maintaining your immune system. Ensure to get sufficient vitamin B supplements regularly.


The basic building blocks of protein are amino acids, which support the immune system. They play an essential role in supporting your intestinal cells’ immune system. However, this doesn’t mean you start consuming protein sources. There’s a specific amount you need according to your age, health status, body, and life stage. Consulting a doctor will help you find how much protein you require every day. Some of the best protein food sources are nuts, eggs, fish, soy products, beans, chicken, and greek yogurt.

Get the Best Supplements to Boost Immune System Here

That’s the list of vitamins, minerals, and other supplements to boost immune system you should consume regularly. While some of these bring no side-effects, others can react with your current health status and medication. That’s why we have come up with an immunity booster kit that promotes an immune system’s overall health. Follow the link to explore the product details or book a consultation to know what immune booster tablets will work the best for you.

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